Quickly and easily create on-demand reports complete with verbiage to explain the medical and demographic characteristics of the market.

  • Standardized reports corresponding to the most popular demand of our clients.
  • Allowed for personalized system with each client’s KPI (key performance indicator) or data.
  • Users can determine the radius corresponding to their project’s PMA (primary market area), medical specialty, size of the project, or the density of the studied area.

Basic Demographic: is an easily accessible snapshot with readily applicable information such as population density, income and wealth, median household value, medical affluence score, as well as multiple age and ethnicity distribution.

Healthcare Strategy: This proprietary physician need analysis compiles supply and demand for each medical specialty and zip code in the Country. It can help determine untapped  market and those that might prove oversupplied. Furthermore, using the 5-year demographic projection provided by the Census, and knowing that each population cohort shows specific use rates, we can assess the evolution of the demand for each one of these specialties in the coming 5-years.

Medical market insights: provides market snapshots for all facilities within the continuum of care: acute care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation, LTACH, etc.  The standardized report provides a strategic market positioning, a ranking of all the zip codes within the study area on a national scale (percentile), a snapshot of patient and medical environment characteristics.

Specialty reports:provides market snapshots for primary care as well as for each medical specialty. The standardized report provides a strategic market positioning, ranking the market in term of medical environment and physician need, a ranking of all the zip codes within the study area on a national scale (percentile) using pre determined KPIs, specialty breakdown for all occurrences (inpatient, outpatient and office visits), as well as the top 10 inpatient and outpatient procedures in the specialty (current and 5-year projection).

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