Healthcare Market intelligence

Prime is a one stop cloud-based healthcare market intelligence (HMI) tool comprised of multiple data sources such as medical demographics and economics. Prime provides its users with the tools to quickly and efficiently perform customized research and analysis on healthcare markets throughout the united states with tailored key performance indicators (kpi).


Thermal mapping of  inpatient and outpatient demographic medical data. Geo-spatial mapping of medical facilities, medical offices buildings, physicians and senior housing.

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Medical and demographic dashboards utilizing meaningful benchmarks  for predictive data analysis against the nation, state, and country.

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Rank IT

Rank every  market in the nation based on the variable weightings you control, with key performance indicators (KPIs) adapted for each business segment.

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Use an existing successful baseline market analysis and utilize the same success factors you’ve identified as a template to search for matching markets.

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Quickly and easily create on-demand reports complete with verbiage to explain the medical and demographic characteristics of the market.

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Take your reports with you on the go! Use Export IT for offline access of reports where connectivity is limited or unavailable.

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Client Testimonials

“For years the information and service I received from Prime greatly enhanced the marketing efforts I executed on leasing assignments and allowed me to answer difficult questions for landlords.”